Writers Interview Writers Episode 2: NoSleep author makes a name for himself in budding Publishing company, NBH PUBLISHING


If you have never heard of the NoSleep community on Reddit.com, then you are sorely missing out.  

For those not in the “know” it is a writing forum where writers not just amateur, but published authors go to spin wildly fun and fearful tales – the catch is that they are true even if they are not.  At times leaving the reader pondering whether or not what they have read could have happened and isn’t just a work of fiction acting as a true tale.

One such writer of the beloved NoSleep community, Nick Botic, recently discussed his new publishing adventure.

I took a few moments to conduct a mini interview with Nick.

Nick I saw that you already did a series of interview questions for NoSleepInterviews (link here) However, now that you are into publishing yourself, how important is it to promote those in the NoSleep community that came from that world? Especially because at times gets a bad rap, which is unfortunate.  

I think it’s important to promote the books to the NoSleep community, if for no other reason than sharing more work of a similar kind to people who might like it. The sad truth is though, very few people who read on NoSleep can be counted on to translate to a paying customer. I don’t mean to disparage the readership, because I get it: why pay for something when there hundreds upon thousands of similar things on a website for free? I just wish more readers would realize the hard work that goes into crafting these stories and producing these books, and realize that their money would help make more of what they like. 

In turn, I feel that it is important to promote to NoSleep readers, because for those few and far between that will pay their hard earned money for books, they get something truly special that someone (or in some cases many people) worked very hard on and are very proud of.

Please check out the first installment from NBH Publishing here: Gorgasm.

Don’t forget to read his stories online at Nick Botic Horror you will not be sad you visited.


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