Photo by Keyur Nandaniya enhanced using PICS ART under creative commons licensing

By KB HURST for Terra Turas

Storm Moon in LEO 

Leo is a fixed sun sign, and tonight’s full moon in Leo activates romance as Leo is the sign of love under a guarded, fiercely loyal lion.  

Leo is known to be bossy, controlling, highly scattered, and a bit messy, they are a proud sign seeking to be creative. They are very loving, great guardians and parents. The energy of fire rules them, many Leos like the color red, yellow, or orange as they are naturally drawn to those colors.

These are just the basics that pop up regularly when you look up general information on Leos. However, those of us that are drawn to magic and the energy you may be interested to know there are often many rituals that use fire as part of a full moon spell or meditation.

A full moon represents abundance, and in Leo and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, perhaps you are looking to ignite the fiery passions of a relationship or draw in a new and more capable lover.  

What can the moon in Leo do for fire magic?

In meditation, you breathe in all the negative aspects going on in your life and then exhale them out as though you are exorcising them from your soul in much the same way fire burns and turns things to ash leaving smoke to blow away in the wind. 

Fire magic helps because in writing down on a piece of paper, anything you wish to transform, eliminate, burn away, folding the paper away from you as a symbolic way to push it out; you toss into the flames and watch as it disintegrates into ash. Imagine the smoke is an offering to the sky and that as the smoke surrounds you, it then leaves you in the wind. Under the moon picture, it is cleansing you of self-doubt, worry, and envision yourself with the confidence to pursue anything you wish to develop or move away from you. Leos are quite confident creatures; they are not ordinarily shy, so in using the energy from the Moon in Leo, you are in a sense taking that energy and putting those desires on a fast track.

You can also burn red candles and cast a love spell on yourself. Sometimes if we need confidence, it is really about loving and trusting ourselves to be the one person we need to be. We take in so much negativity every day, whether it comes from the television, people at work, or our inner monologue. 

How to cast a love spell using candle magic

Take a red candle, write your name, and desire in the present tense on the candle.

Example: I am a beautiful land capable human being.  

Feel free to anoint the candle with rose oil as roses are a symbol of love.

Burn the candle until it is gone and then bury it in the dirt in a symbolic method of planting a “seed.” The seed you are planting is one you wish to grow, such as loving yourself more.  

All types of manifestations should be done with a positive and loving thought behind it. In loving yourself, you are also more likely to find that people are more drawn to your new positive and loving energy.

You can also use fire flames for scrying.

In much the same way as you use a spirit board or pendulum, you can use a bouncing fire flame to ask questions.

Much like a pendulum sways back and forth in one direction or the other asking a fire flame to show you what “yes” means, such as becoming higher and higher to say “YES!” Or lower and lower as if to say “NO WAY!”

Those with fire signs may be naturally more accustomed to fire in general since their signs are ruled by fire.  

No matter what your beliefs are and even if you don’t think of yourself as a magic practicing being, you may also be shocked to learn that we do full moon rituals frequently without realizing it. 

We may make comments discussing “full moon madness,” or we honor the energy physically because a lot of women will often ovulate during a full moon and have their menstrual cycles during a new moon. 

In Japan, it is often said that more babies are born during the full moon. Because of the moon aiding in the rising of the tides, and we are made up of 70% water, it is a generalization that can be made that the moon affects us making us “lunatics.”

The full moon represents fire, abundance, and power. The energy of full moon menstruation is about the release or nourishment of one’s self. The full moon has a quality of fire. That energy makes it an ideal time to learn to transform negative energies into positive ones: being overly sensitive and emotional tendencies into creativity and physical pain to allow a woman to be more aware of her body and sensualness. 

There are even practices where the use of menstrual blood can be used in art, magic, or in a recent article I read, cooking. It is a life force and an energy much like a full moon.

The scientist in me revels in the facts, however, and it can be said that the full moon is a placebo effect to our mental state of being.  

In saying that, what do you think about the full moon and the energy? 


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