Never Fall in Love with a Witch: Spell 1 “Lovers Revenge”


Woman in white shirt flying over pentagram circleCopyright: Sergiy Tryapitsyn  (Follow)




“Lovers Revenge”

I was in a bad mood.

There was little I could do to stop what was happening. Even while I stared at his big brown eyes. Those same eyes that had made my heart melt a thousand times.

I smiled, trying to be understanding while he bored me with his countenance.  

“Is it the writing? Is it that bad of a script?” I asked meekly, hating the words as they came out insecure.

“No,” Miguel grabbed my hand tightly, caressing it as he did. “It’s just that I have had so little time to myself to prepare. I mean, the pilot is coming up, and I need to prepare for it. You know how actors are.” He smiled.

It was bullshit, and I knew it. Miguel was dumping me for someone else.

I saw him texting late at night, and while I didn’t want to face the truth, I knew.  

“I understand you need space.”

“I’m not going to say that it is me, not you, that is so cliche. But I do need some time to just understand this… like the fucking planet, you know? I have so many thoughts in my head. That rally in San Francisco changed me, Maya. I think it is important to be introspective now more than ever. We have to do something. We can’t have these shit for brains politicians destroying what little we have left to enjoy.”

His political leanings were a smokescreen. It was his way of diverting the fact he was a shit for brains, man. He wanted to date other people. Why couldn’t he just say that?

“Right yeah, of course. I get it.”

“You are too good for me, Maya.” He kissed my forehead and then stood. 

 “Text you later? I’ll check in on you. I got to go now, though, because I have that audition at two.”

He walked out of the cafe, and I watched him get on his light blue scooter and ride off.  

I sighed and stood to take our cups up to the counter.

“He wasn’t your type anyway.” said the barista as she took my saucers.  

“Maybe not.”

“It’s the lack of chemistry,” she smirked.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked irritated.

“You can’t compete with him. He’s in love with himself. If I were you, I’d teach him a lesson.”

“Yeah, well, it won’t make me feel any better right now.”

“Maybe. You know what? You have the prettiest hair. There is this shop I like to go down on 5th street and Vine. It’s called the “Hidden Maiden” it is a little new age, but the lady that owns it has a great selection of hair beads and accessories. I think you’d like it. Tell her Tia sent you.”

She handed me a card with a rainbow and a triangle on it, and then I left. I walked home to my apartment and sank into my bed. Soon I was on the phone with my mother sobbing.


“Why do you date men that treat you so bad?”

“Mom, it’s not like I do this shit to myself on purpose!” I hated her for being so truthful.

“You are my little girl, and I just want to see you happy.”

“Me too, mom.”

“Diana’s son is recently divorced. He lives not far from you. I could tell her, and you guys could meet for coffee.”

“Mom, no.”


“How about that Just Lunch business? It is just lunch or coffee with no strings attached. It may make you feel better to meet someone who isn’t so into looks.”

“Mom, what does that even mean?”


“You did put on some weight, my doll. If you want a man, you have to look a certain way, but Diana’s son isn’t into all of that. He is an elementary school teacher. His wife died of cancer last year.”


“I have to go, mom.”

“Seriously, honey.”


“Mom, I have to go there with someone at my door. Can’t you hear the buzzer?”

I hung up the phone and then got up to look at myself in the bathroom. I had gotten a bit more in my mid area in the last year. I was getting old. If twenty-seven was considered old.  

I went to bed that night but ended up having the strangest dreams.  

I woke to a light glaring into my eyes. When I opened them, I could have sworn that I was looking at a woman with dark hair and eyes standing at the foot of my bed with a halo of light around her.

I rubbed my eyes, and when I opened them, she was gone.

I sat up in my bed, and when I did, a giant black spider was crawling up my bedspread. I jumped out of my bed and grabbed a box to put it in and flung it out of my second-story window. I never killed spiders because my great-grandma had always said they were good luck, but I didn’t want them around me.

I got up and went into the bathroom. There was something about my face I couldn’t figure out. I didn’t know if I was seeing my reflection or someone else’s. My face was tired, my brown eyes black. My skin looked whiter than usual. I splashed some water over my face and then tried to get some sleep. 

My alarm went off sooner than it usually did. I sat up in bed and then got up and ready for my day. It was going to be another twelve hours at the office.

My day was usually spent writing scripts for a television show. It was nothing special. It had gotten precisely one award about a guy who owned a veterinarian’s office. It was your usual run of the mill cliche comedy show. I was in charge of redrafting and editing mostly. I had very little to do with the actual writing. There were at least twenty writers at any given time. I kept waiting to find out if we would be canceled. I was glad to have the money, but the hours were shit, and the creativity barely there.  

That day started off stranger than usual. I had gone to my usual coffee shop, and instead of having to wait in line, a kind woman gave me one of her coffees. She had accidentally ordered and paid for two. So I tipped the barista and went into work, five minutes early instead of five minutes late. 


Because of my early entry to work, my co-worker actually let me pitch a few ideas about one of the storylines he was working on. One of my bad jokes got written in. For once, I didn’t feel useless.

Sometime around noon, the building across the street from ours caught fire and so we were evacuated to be safe. It gave me the afternoon free for the first time in ages. 

I found myself wandering around town just taking in the sunny April afternoon. I seemed to find myself standing in front of a shop with wigs in every color window.  

I looked at the name of the shop, and to my bewilderment, it was HIDDEN MAIDEN. Well, wasn’t this as cliche as a movie?

I went in and looked around. There were numerous wigs, cosplay ware if you were into dressing up as a vampire, a witch, or maybe steampunk? I found myself looking around, and a tall woman with white-blonde hair and a septum piercing came out and greeted me.  

“Hi, I am Carrie. Can I assist you with anything?” She had a regal smile on her face.

“Um, Tia sent me.” How I remembered her name was beyond me. I never remembered a name to save my life, but I recalled Tia’s name with complete utter accuracy.

She brightened, “You are fortunate indeed. Everything in the store is 75 percent off. Do you need help finding anything?”

I smiled demurely. “No, thanks I think I will look around and see if anything catches my eye.”

Carrie nodded and went behind a curtain with multicolored beads hanging from it.

I looked around for a while, and then my eyes settled on a little book of spells. I thought it was cute, but when I picked it up, I realized that it was indeed a real spellbook. It fits in the palm of my hand. How odd, I thought.

I put it back on the shelf I had found it on and scoured the shop for more interesting things. There was an entire wall of oils and incense, and I looked at all of the names: dragons blood, Myrrh, and Lavender. There were stranger things too on the wall opposite with things in jars that I did not recognize.

The smell seemed to be enticing me, and I realized Carrie had lit some incense in the back. The scent was soft like cotton. I later learned it as Nag Champa. 

I looked at everything in the store, and there were paintings, handcrafted spirit boards, and even one of a kind clothing. My eyes settled on a small box with multicolored candles inside it. I decidedly picked it up, and then my eyes found themselves drawn back to the tiny book of spells. It was so neat I had to have it. I didn’t think I’d ever do anything with it, but I had to have it.

I called out to Carrie, who had come out with a smile on her face. Her silvery hair made me smile. She was so beautiful, and I had no idea how someone like her even existed.

“Glad you found something. You are going to need to make sure you cleanse your space before using this little book.”

“Oh, I am not going to use it. I just really thought it was charming.”

“Looks are deceiving. It may look small and tiny, but inside holds some perilous secrets.” she was very serious. 

“Okay,” I said, looking at her but looking away from her gaze’s intensity.

“Here is some sage and some matches. Use this to cleanse your space. This is free since you are a first time customer.”

I smiled and paid with cash. I didn’t plan to return to the store ever again, but I liked its vibe. It wasn’t my style at all, but there was something about Carrie that enchanted me.  

I walked home instead of taking the train, and when I got back, I ran a bath and lit the sage. It smelled god awful, and I tried to get used to the smell. Unfortunately, the fire in it went out before I had to toss it into the sink. There was so much smoke I thought my fire alarms were all going to go off at once.

I opened my windows partly by instinct, and the other was to get that nasty smell out of my apartment.

I sat back down on the couch and pulled out the tiny spellbook from my brown shopping bag.

I flipped through the spells and settled on one entitled “LOVERS REVENGE.”

I read the description of the spell.


To make your lover regret leaving you for another.

“Okay,” I said to myself. “This ought to be good.”

Take a black pen and write your intention in the present tense:    

Example: “I am wearing that new red dress.”

Next: cross out all of the vowels such as I-A-O-U-E.

Example: You will have something like

 : M W R N G T H N W R D D R S S

Next: cross out all of the letters with duplicates.  

Example: You will be left with something like


Next: Draw a circle, and in the circle, write the leftover letters.

Next: Prick your finger and dab three drops of your own blood on the circle.  

Put it someplace you can see it often.

Within twenty-four hours, you will see the object of your affection feel your spell.

I sat looking at the spell and laughing and thought, what the hell? I would try this on my now ex.  

Okay, I thought, what do I want to say? Where was my notepad? I thought about Miguel, and I thought about what I imagined him doing right now, or who he was doing.

I grew angry, angrier than I ever had before.

I wrote out Miguel is missing me so much he is in pain.

With the letters I had leftover, I wrote them out inside the circle. Then I had something that almost resembled something coherent. All I was left with was L and P. I then tried to be brave and prick my finger. Still, being a bit afraid of needles, I found I had the driest cuticles in the universe one bite of skin, and I bled like crazy. 

For a second, I laughed, thinking, what am I doing? This was ridiculous. I dabbed three dots of blood onto the paper and then went into my kitchen. I needed to feel something other than silly.

I opened my liquor cabinet and found I still had some whiskey from the last party I had at my apartment. There had been so many people at that party they barely fit. That night some were hanging on my balcony much to the annoyance of my neighbors.

The whiskey was smooth. It felt good going down warming my insides the way only a fine whiskey can.

I looked at my simple drawing and hung it on the refrigerator.

“Fuck you, Miguel. May you feel a thousand needles going into your skin.” I said, chugging another shot.


I was awoken by the sound of something vibrating in my eardrums.  

I was irritated by the motion, and I was sleeping. Apparently half-naked on my sofa, one leg thrown over the back and one on my floor. Some sites I must have been to behold.

I looked at the number. It was Miguel’s telephone number.

I saw I had 6 missed calls. What on earth?

“Hello?” I answered, bewildered.

“Maya, I had to call you.”

“This late?” I asked, looking at the time it was nearly four in the morning.

“Yes! I am in so much pain. I was in a horrible car accident, and I have to have surgery in the morning. I wanted to call you and tell you I really miss you. Will you come to see me before my surgery? I know I said I needed some space, but I really need to see you. Please, Maya.” I heard him choke up.

I thought of the spell. I asked for pain and for him to miss me.  

What had I done?

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