The Devil You Know

6:47 am

I don’t want to wake up

I’ve said death is peace

a thousand times a thousand thoughts

This place is hell

Sheeple sheeple sheeple

Everyone get in line

Before they put you in marzipan


There’s no drug better than death

No planet better to be seen

Than the one that ends in fire

And brimstone

Nothing less

Than your best dressed

When the attention is at high level

All you have to do is lay inside your box

A Cheshire Cat grin upon your pale face



Don’t forget to keep your hive mind

Fighting over who gets the bread

When all I want is fine wine

And a show



Don’t forget to dance

For me

I like it when you take off your clothes


Dressed in nothing but cake and icing

Ridiculous rules

Rules the day

Sheeple sheeple

I love how easy it is to watch you fly

In a melted breeze by dawns early light

To Stars and Stripes

Because the colors matter more than your souls

Don’t forget to post a photo

A filter on your social media

As currency

But one last thing before you go

I’ll accept pain, in place of paying a debt

How do you like it?

Embroidered in leather or lace?

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