Monday of my Life

It’s been a weird few months for me.  I’m just getting used to being in the office again and it’s more than I expected.

I’ve never been one for change.  As soon as you get used to something that’s what happens- life goes and changes it up.  It’s like the universe doesn’t want you to get too bored.

I’ve been in a writing fiction hiatus for a bit.  I need to get my life in order- learn to slow down.  I am learning to not hate myself for things I cannot control. I’m learning that not everyone will have my back just because I have theirs.

It’s not easy being someone that has high standards for those around me.  When it isn’t reciprocated I get my feelings hurt.  I can become closed off – moody.

Realizing that just because a book you wrote isn’t this amazing bestseller is okay.  Realizing that the people you thought would read it, give it a review or support you – and didn’t.  It’s okay too.  I’m learning the world doesn’t revolve around my fevered day dreams.

People have lives as they say.  

Thinking about what my next steps will be and how to handle it.

I got a rejection letter from a publisher too.  I was okay though because it was like me facing my biggest fears.  It happened and I’m still alive.

Life is what you make it.  At the end of the day,  I tried and for that I’m happy.

We writers are the storytellers, the documentors of this weird and wonderful planet.

Let us learn to embrace our insecurities and like me accept that we are all human.

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