Some 13 years ago, I met my now-husband, Dave, and we have been together every day since.  We met in a somewhat taboo way, a bar, at the time.   We had become fast friends before we decided to date each other.  Which I feel is an essential component to dating anyone, unless it is strictly a hookup.

Now people mainly meet each other online.  Very few people start out engaging with others organically.  It seems as though we are afraid to face ourselves. In case we are not liked very much in person.  Perhaps a quick hookup is a modern way, much like downloading an app and a sexual encounter is only a few clicks away.  If you want to find your soulmate, you may find there are a few obstacles to modernity.  How can we, as creatures of the human, sexual kind, find someone who wants to be with us that isn’t a cheater or a creeper?  

Modern dating has its benefits with the use of technology.  Now you can google a person or complete a background check in a matter of a few clicks, and low and behold, you now have a complete downloaded history on the person you may decide to go on a date with.  

There have been some issues with dating apps, as we have seen with the issue tinder faced over an individual who had committed assaults on women after meeting with them.  The victims have advocated for more stringent background checks to be done on behalf of the dating site.  

Tinder is only one such dating site that has had victims come forward.  

It is a fearsome of us recall from the early rise of meeting people from the internet only to realize you may have been catfished.

It isn’t to say that only predators darken those online sites. In the case of some of us, we are looking for love, or at least a partner to share our lives with.

My single friends often joke it has been too long since I have dated to realize what a horrifying experience dating is in the modern age.

So I decided to speak to my cousin, professional dater, radio DJ, Podcaster, and friend, DJ Abbie, about some of these issues in the modern dating world.  If anything, I desire to learn from her experiences and allow us both to share some learned wisdom. Feel free to check out my latest podcast.


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