Creating Creative Magic Between Friends

Magic can come into our lives in many forms.

Some of us are very fortunate to meet people that share our interests. I am grateful to say I have met many friends, acquaintances that share my love of the arts.

My dream as a child was always to become a writer. I have since become a professional writer with a day job. It is essential to have a backup income because money is not guaranteed, like with most arts. That should not deter you from being a creator. If you are like me and like a good challenge, it can benefit you greatly. A good challenge can create a drive inside you, set boundaries and goals. 

All that aside, I recently embarked on a fun adventure of writing a rather long story, a novella, if you will, with a friend of mine. It was a very therapeutic experience at times.

It started as a writing exercise/ game. I would write a line, and my friend would write one. It turned into paragraphs, then chapters, then pages. I have written loads of stories over the years and even collaborated on a few with another friend. It was a different experience.

The experience worked well because we had an understanding from the beginning. We did not take ourselves too seriously. We could healthily critique each other. We also found that understanding the story and where we wanted it to go was essential. Good communication goes a long way. You don’t have to sacrifice the fun or the adventure in it to enjoy it. Just be.  

When two human beings get together for a project, finding common ground or chemistry isn’t always easy. Yet, when you can let go of judgments, learn to be patient, and breathe, working with someone, whether creatively or a team at the office, can be a great learning experience. My friend does not live in America, so ALL of our communication was done online. Online can be a tricky endeavor. Yet, it was easier, I think, because of honesty, integrity, and that fearlessness that goes along with any new adventure.  

Not to mention, if something wasn’t working, there was always communication. Not to mention, when we completed the story, the decision to take it to a publisher (which can be daunting and overly time-consuming to find the right one) or have my friend narrate it for his youtube channel was not decided upon overnight. Trust was also a factor in our decision.  

Whenever two individuals who may seem on the surface different as night and day get together to create a baby (figuratively, of course), they must do it out of trust. You cannot have success without it. 

The story was, of course, our creative child. You cannot do a project like this without trusting the other person and being upfront about it. Once you bring it into existence, it becomes a living being. The story took on a life of its own. Nurturing (editing) it and ensuring that it had the best chance of survival was vital.  

In the end, you can find our story here: 

It was a fun adventure, and I hope you all can enjoy it. The recent experience taught me that if two people get along very well, they can create magic.

Who would you like to create creative magic? Who would it be with, and what would it be?

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