Hello My name is KB Hurst and I have been writing since I was about 11.  I write stories of a grim and sometimes oddball nature. Sticking in one genre isn't really my style although I've been told I write "Horror."  Growing up my influences were the Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock and Friday the 13th. Not to mention my adoration for Lucy Maude Montgomery. It is a mixed bag kids in this head of mine and anything can come out of it!

I released my first book three years ago called Wicked William. It was followed up a year later by my online series Helltown Experiments.  I plan to release many more in the future. For more information check them out here: My Books

Here I plan to blog and share some short stories with you all.  I hope we can enjoy this journey together as it is still very new to me as well.

-KB Hurst

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