Pondering a Futuristic Christmas…

8971649E-F672-4D0A-9049-8A9AF3497167.jpeg After Thanksgiving the real Christmas cheer begins but then sadly falls out of favor with me by the time Christmas actually arrives.

I love spending time with friends and family but I also often feel like I could easily spend Christmas alone with my husband and our pets.

I’m sure I am not the only one that has pondered what it would be like to not leave and face the cold and deal with all the craziness the holidays bring with it.

In the future many holidays could be spent over Skype.  Maybe throw in some virtual reality of sled rides and building snowmen.  We wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of our homes and face the cold to experience the fun! Amazon can drop us food platters of ham, potato salad, sugar cookies and our gifts my drone.

I’m speaking in jest of course, and in all humor aside the holidays are really the time to spend with family and close friends.

Hope everyone has a good holiday season no matter what you celebrate.

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