Open your mouth!


Photo by Alexas_Fotos

I tend to be one of those women that sit back and watch things around me unfold before I react.


Lately, not so much. I’ve been speaking my mind much more in my personal life, and I feel as though that is extremely important. While it hasn’t brought me a lot of likes, it has brought me better communication in what I want. I’m not someone who particularly enjoys conflict, and I hate it when someone I like or admire is mad at me, or we have a disagreement.  


I still feel like it’s essential to be an excellent communicator.  


For instance, in my day job, I help people find solutions to their job searches. One of the things I discussed with my client was how to communicate better in an interview scenario.


It got me thinking about my communication skills, and while I’m a lover of great conversations, I also hate unnecessary small talk.  


So for those that know me well, you may see a slight change in me and my new directness.


I’m usually a very overly honest person when prompted for advice (yes, that Christmas sweater should have won most ugly). However, I’m doing it about myself and for myself.  


At 41, who has time for letting things go on as they are if you don’t like something?


Go ahead, find your voice before it festers into temperamental outbursts.


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